John Allinson
Internationally Renowned Artist

The Longest Painting

An Introduction

Internationally renowned Welsh artist John Allinson's latest production is a painting celebrating a viewpoint of entertainment as an art form. it was conceived to prelude Europe's newest and largest picture studio development. The 1000 feet canvas painting will set a new world record. A copy will be erected and seen from the M4 motorway near Cardiff. A celebration of a record of achievement. Guinness world records will be asked to authenticate the record.

A 30 minute broadcast quality documentary is being produced for commercial television to promote the painting, its investors, partners, government agencies, producers, directors and sponsors.

A sequel is currently being planned to announce Dragon International Studios and Leisure Attractions Wales. Designed as a compliment to the United Kingdoms movie industry. The promoters of the £500 million complex are currently casting many local and international companies for partnerships, service providers, and suppliers as well as for sponsorship.

The Idea

In August 2001 John Allinson started work on this project in his small chaotic studio in the Welsh Valleys.

The painting is not just a work of art in its own right, but also a celebration and link to the most ambitious development in the UK. This project will encompass the most modern fully integrated film and television studios in the world. This development, with its associated businesses on the site, was submitted for planning approval on 30th August 2001 and could provide thousands of new jobs in South Wales when fully complete.

What was going to the the longest canvas painting in the world is now simply the 'Really Big Picture', and will eventually be auctioned in teh United States, a percentage of the cash raised being donated to charities in South Florida.

A 6600 foot long canvas was authenticated as the world's longest painting 2 years ago in Canada, and John Allinson estimates that to produce professional artwork to beat the record would take him another hundred years, a somewhat impossible task given that he would then be around 200 years old and probably too arthritic to lift the roll of canvas, so the plan is to erect arount 250 feet in Florida at an internal venue yet to be decided... this space for further news